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Just Building Castles in the Sand
Dreamt a perfect dream and it all fell down
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5th-Jun-2008 09:54 pm - How Time Flies By ~
Ultra Magnus x4
Arcee x2
Mixmaster x1
Scorponok x1 (2007 movie)
Blackout x1 (2007 movie)
Jazz x1 (2007 movie)
Bumblebee x1 (2007 movie)
Slag x1
Shockwave x1 (Hearts of Steel)
Ratchet x1 (Hearts of Steel)
Bumblbee x1 (Hearts of Steel)
Mirage, Jazz, Sunstreaker x1
Jetfire x1

Stick It In Neutral!Collapse )
9th-Jan-2008 06:04 pm - New Year, New Post!
Transformers (G1)Transformers (2007 Movie)
Arcee x1
Sentinel Prime x2
Starscream x1
Elita-1 x2
Ultra Magnus x1
Grimlock x1
Springer x1
Huffer x1
Arcee x1
Optimus Prime x1
Sam and Sam/Mikaela x3
Jazz x1
Barricade x1
Bumblebee x1
Blackout x1
We are here. We are waiting.Collapse )
10th-Nov-2007 06:03 pm - Affiliates
Sand Dunes
If you'd like to affiliate your icon journal or community with mine, please comment in this post!
31st-Mar-2007 02:49 pm(no subject)
On the Edge

I can't believe I never posted it here in my own journal, lol. =P

The Sky's Getting Dark and There's Nothing You Can DoCollapse ) (If the link is dead, comment here and I'll re-upload it!)
7th-Mar-2007 12:32 pm - Spring Cleaning?
Aaroniro x6
Tesla x3
Noitora x1
Ichigo x 2
Cirucci x2
Zael Apollo x3

Read more...Collapse )
12th-Feb-2007 10:05 pm - The Doctor is IN!
I couldn't help making these after reading this web comic: Dr. McNinja

So! Four Dr. McNinja icons that I loved making, even though scaling them was a bit o' Hell. =) Bah nobody but me probably knows what this is anyway. ;_;

What Would Batman Do?Collapse )
7th-Feb-2007 10:30 pm - I'm Not Dead Yet! Just Lonely. =P
Bleach: Valentine’s Edition
Grimmjaw x1
Luppi x1
Edorad x1
Nakim x1
Shawlong x2
Di Roy x2
Il Forte x2

He's every fear, and every hope, and every single sinCollapse )

Komamura x1
Cirucci x2
Edorad x2
Shawlong x1
Di Roy x1
Il Forte x1

He's the universe, the love you've been imaginingCollapse )
7th-Dec-2006 11:09 pm - Bleach Variations

Doldoni x7
Grimmjaw x2
Grimmjaw & Ichigo x2
Ichigo x1

I hate to get into your dreams, but you seem to think it's all right to destroyCollapse )
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