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Just Building Castles in the Sand

Dreamt a perfect dream and it all fell down

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This is the icon journal of splendidshadows. Please read and observe the rules carefully! I won't go nuts if you don't comment, but I'd really appreciate it if you did. It's like food for my creative soul! =D Feel free to friend me anytime and I'll more than likely add you right back!

1. Please comment and credit
2. No hotlinking the images
3. Do not claim icons/resources as your own
4. Textless icons are not bases unless stated otherwise in the post
5. ???
6. Profit Enjoy!

near_dawn - the icon community of keikain and tsukishine!

pantaloons - the icon community of tyir and parallelpatriot!

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♥ The list of credits for the resources I use can be found HERE. If you see something of yours that I didn't credit you for, comment in that post and I'll add you post haste.
♥ LJ name and journal title were inspired by the song "Castle in the Sand" by the Philosopher Kings.
♥ Current layout provided by thefulcrum